hair transplantation

Hair Transplantation to permanently correct baldness is done at our clinic by the Follicular Unit System using the patented "Follicle by Follicle Technique" .The hair which are transplanted in the bald area are permanent, appear absolutely natural and cannot be differentiated from your existing or previous hair in appearance and direction of growth. The transplanted hairs will never fall, grow like normal hair and subsequently need hair cuts. You can comb them to your desired style, oil or shampoo them, and even shave them.

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia on an out patient basis, and you are awake throughout watching TV, listening to music, and take your lunch during the break. You go home immediately after the procedure. Depending on the area and number of follicle units, it usually takes app. 2-6 hours for one session of hair transplant.

We have transplanted more than 3900 cases till now, and all are very happy. For large areas of baldness, we have transplanted 3500 to 5000 follicles or more in one sitting of 6 to 7 hours. In case of large areas of baldness, you can get another sitting done in the remaining bald areas 6 months or more after the first procedure. Depending on the donor area, any one can have 3 to 5 sittings of hair transplant to cover very large areas of baldness, but at an interval of 6 months or more. In areas where there is thinning but not complete baldness, hairs can be transplanted in between the existing hairs to increase density.

There are no side effects of hair transplantation. You can join work the next day.

We are the best hair transplantation counsellor in India. the cost of hair transplant in Delhi, India is very econimical. We are having a trained counsellor of hair transplant surgery in India. We also have hair implants for women.