Cost Comparision Of Medical Treatments

The heavily subsidized treatment costs are a big reason why people are considering travelling abroad to avail the best medical facilities at only a fraction of what they have to pay in their home countries. Countries like India are able to afford world class medical care at hugely discounted rates, thanks to the low cost of infrastructure and the ever lower doctor-patient ratio.

As per a cost comparison study by the American Medical Association, a knee replacement surgery will cost $40,000 in US, $10,000 in Thailand and $13,000 in Singapore, but $8500 in India. Similarly, in the US for a bone marrow transplant you will have to pay around $400,000, in UK $150,000 but in India it will cost just $30,000. No matter what treatment you opt for, you are going to save around 70-75 percent of the total cost including health or medical services, wellness travel, accommodation and food services.

The cost of treatment in India is much lower, almost three times less expensive in comparison to a number of western countries such as the United States and United Kingdom. Just opt for health tourism services through or and get the best of healthcare services. We, at Transplant Counsellor have been offering excellent assistance to foreign patients who visit India to avail advanced surgery treatments at low cost operations. Lower cost does not mean any compromise in quality. We are dedicated in offering the most advanced treatments in the world at reasonable costs so that you can fulfill your dream of leading a healthy life.

Irrespective of exorbitantly lower costs, the quality of health care that you get here includes top-class medicines, state-of-art technology, internationally accredited doctors, experienced staff, and even excellent food service and world-class accommodation options. That is not all. You can even combine your medical procedure with a vacation or leisure activities such as Ayurveda/Spa services, beach or backwaters holiday, other beauty procedures, Yoga or spiritual vacation and so on. In India, you get the best of medical, health care and Wellness Travel services and that too at absolutely affordable rates.