What is Cadaver Liver Transplant?

Deceased or Cadaver Donor Transplant has been the typical method of liver transplantation since time immemorial. Cadaver or cadaveric liver transplant is one of the two methods of liver transplantation wherein the deceased donor maybe a victim of an accident or a head injury. Over the last 15 years, the number of liver transplants being carried out by us has been increasing exponentially. Perhaps the ever growing number of people with one or the other acute liver diseases is the reason that liver transplant community has been dealing with immense shortage of the donor organs. As a result of this, the people suffering from acute liver disease, who do not have the choice of having a living donor transplant, gradually join the waiting list for a deceased donor.

No doubt, we cannot match the number of people waiting for a transplant, but we have devised a program that works effectively in order to remove or overcome all types of medical barriers for you as a patient with severe liver disease. This program aims at increasing living donation transplant across different blood groups, among overweight patients, and in high PRA patients through the use of positive cross-match donation. The liver transplant patients are treated by an integrated multi-disciplinary team of experts here. The team handles each and every patient with utter care and absolute perfection! We have treated some of the most challenging and difficult cases and we have immense confidence in saying that our outcomes are comparable to those of other transplant centers in India, rather our outcomes often exceed theirs.

We understand that a liver transplant is not an easy step or decision to take but do not forget that it can save your life. The survival rates after the liver transplant operations have increased commendably over the past years. Presently, over 90% of patients survive liver transplant and live a happier life ahead of the operation. Our survival rate is akin to the international standards. In addition to this, we have a shortest waiting list for liver transplant. For registration, you could send your query at info@transplantcounsellor.com or reach us at +91 981 125 1417 .