Transplant Counsellor

Transplant Counsellor assures the best treatment and all other kinds of support, a patient and his family can expect during Kidney Transplantation or Liver Transplantation. Our alliance with the leading multi-specialty hospitals in India to conduct Bone Marrow Transplantation, Heart Transplantation, Hair Transplant, and Lung Transplant along with the knowledge to guide you in the situation of social, financial, psychological, and medical problems would make the whole process a mediocre task for you.

In the recent years, India has risen to become an attractive and cost-efficient ‘medical tourism destination’ on the world map. This has primarily worked as a magic wand for the patients from the countries like US and UK where the healthcare costs touch the skyline. This is also why patients from India’s neighbours including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Uzbekistan and Nepal see India as a primary healthcare destination for easy access to timely medical advice and care.

Our overall vision that defines Transplant Counsellor is administered on the basis of the leading values of serving accessible health services with full concern, care and dedication. As our partner institutions spread over huge land area, it has more than 5000 beds and over 50 intensive care beds with 10 operation theatres, providing high-tech infrastructure with all-inclusive information system.

Transplant Counsellor also has an alliance with the team of brilliant doctors and medical researchers encouraging the collaborative analysis. This in turn, helps in making efficient use latest ideas and inventions; and also interpreting scientific advances in the field of diagnosing. This is our way of preventing patients from any serious disease and arranging finest treatments for them. Thanks to our thorough research, amalgamation of modern and traditional range of medicines, we're able to bring to you inexpensive and affordable medical facilities.

At Transplant Counsellor, we prioritise to offer supreme health care by partnering with distinctive institutes of excellence on the grounds of medical care and research. From arranging cost-effective accommodation/transportation within India to procuring visas for the patients, Transplant Counsellor helps medical travellers to choose the best treatment for them.

We aim to establish a safe and decent environment, so that, we can offer elite treatment to our all patients with immense pride and honor.

So, don’t wait and make Transplant Counsellor your trusted partner in HEALTH .