Dr.Naveen Ganjoo


about Dr.Naveen Ganjoo

Dr.Naveen Ganjoo is a Consultant Hepatologist in the Department of Liver Diseases, HPB Surgery and Transplantation at SPARSH Hospitals, Bangalore. After completing his post-graduation In Internal Medicine and speciali1y training in Gastroenterology from Manipal Hospitals in Bangalore. he completed an Advanced Fellowship in Liver Diseases and Transplant Hepalology from The Mount Sina Medical Centre,New York. Upon his return to India, Dr.Naveen was an integral part of a large multicenter liver transplant program, which has completed close to 400 liver transplants in South India. He was instrumental in developing the paediatric liver transplant program at his previous organisation,which is now the second-largest paediatric program in South India.
Dr. Naveen is an expert in the care of patients with complex and advanced liver disease. pre and post transplant management as well as diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopies.He has aspecial interesting the management or auto immune liver disease, drug-induced liver disease, and post-transplant chronic rejection. He has workedat various leading liver transplant centers both in India and the United States of America. He has published various articles and has been actively involved in ongoing research in the field of liver disease In India and abroad.



His areas ol expertise include:
Liver Diseases and LiverTransplantation
Paediatric Liver Transplantation
Acuteliver Failure and bridging therapies to Liver Transplantation