• Oct 30, 2014

Liver Transplant Centers

Before giving the details of different liver transplant centers let us know what it is.

Liver transplant is surgery to replace a liver which is infectious or not working properly with a healthy liver. The liver may be donated for replacement by a person who has recently died and has not had any liver injury or any healthy person. The donor may or may not be known to the patient.

How a liver transplant is done?

The healthy liver is removed from the donor through a minor operation and is placed into the patient who needs the liver. The operation may take up to 12 hours. The patient generally needs a large amount of blood through a transfusion. The patient needs to go under extensive tests before getting operated. The transplant is not done just be one person a whole team is required for it. It has doctors from all the fields like transplant specialist, doctor specializing in the treatment of the liver, one or more transplant nurses, a psychiatrist a dietitian, and trained nurses especially for transplant.

Why a liver transplant is done?

A healthy liver performs lots of work like making proteins that help with blood clotting, removing or changing bacteria, medications, and toxins in the blood, storing sugars, fats, iron, copper, and vitamins. The most common reason for a liver transplant is biliary atresia and Cirrhosis.

Liver transplant surgery is often not recommended for patients who have:

  • Certain infections, such as tuberculosis

  • Heart or lung disease (or other life-threatening diseases)

  • History of cancer

  • Infections such as hepatitis that are considered to be active

  • Smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, or other risky lifestyle habits

How to choose the best liver transplant center

There are many liver transplant centers all over the world, but while choosing the best for yourself what you need to look is that, the center should be well equipped and most important is that it should have Isolated Ultra-Clean Ventilated dedicated Liver ICU,separate AHU for each bed, reducing the risk of infection to the minimum and follow up OPDs in various cities across the world.

Hope you get all the basic information on liver transplant in this article and it helps you in your search. 

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