• Jun 01, 2016

Kidney Transplantation in India

Causes OF Kidney Failure

Everyone knows about Kidney transplant because we live in a world where many people suffer from liver issues, Diabetes, Heart Problems, and Blood Pressure. It turns fatal with time if no precautions are taken and there comes the need of kidney transplantation because eventually all of our organs are interconnected and hence need to be replaced. In layman language, when our kidneys lose their ability to filter the waste, which we accumulate eating junk food and oily, there comes the need of kidney transplant. We all know that we eat and excrete. This is a cycle. But if our kidney stops working, there is no filtration going on and hence a person cannot live without any of the kidneys working.

The kidney transplant in India is at its verge because we Indians eat a lot of sweets even if we have diabetes. There are many reasons to kidney failure, namely:

  • Diabetes

  • Blood Pressure

  • Glomerulonephritis

The condition of transplantation occurs if medicines fail to cure the disease and there is no other alternative. Also, it is not an easy task to get a donor easily. The donor can either be a live person or a deceased person. The patient is kept on dialysis until a perfect donor is found for the patient. Also, the new kidney gives the patient a new hope to life and to take care of his body.

Generally, someone from the house only or a loved one donates the kidney. In India, a wife donates a kidney to his husband if both of his kidneys fail. But, kidney transplantation is the most chronic and last stage. One should not let that stage come. Our life is given by God. We should nurture it such a way that we can only spread happiness. Our body is precious and we should take care of it. Kidneys are a vital part of our body and should be preserved and taken care of.