• Jan 16, 2015

Bone Marrow Transplant Hospitals


Bone marrow is found inside of our bones which are made up of sponge like soft materials containing stem cells which then produce blood cells. Bone marrow transplant hospitals are working in different countries. The basic aim of these hospitals is to transplant the bone marrow for blood cancer patients. In various bone marrow transplant hospitals, following treatments are given:

  • Autologous bone marrow transplant: here the stem cells are removed from infected bone marrow before any heavy treatment is given. These stem cells are kept in freezer and preserved them which are later induced into the bones after chemotherapy and radiation.

  • Allogeneic bone marrow transplant: in this bone marrow transplant, the stem cells are removed from donor person matching your genes.

  • Umbilical cord bone marrow transplant: stem cell are taken from a new born child’s umbilical cord. These stem cells are preserved in freezer for later transplant

Bone marrow transplant hospitals may either apply all three methods of any of them. The well-known cancer hospitals in the world are utilizing all these three methods so that patients get advantage of multiple treatment options. There are even more than 200 bone marrow transplant hospitals in U.S. alone and patients have a large choice to select the one as per their needs of the disease or the type of treatment being offered by different bone marrow transplant hospitals.

If bone marrow transplant hospitals are not available at every city of any country so then there are collection points available in almost every major city or there are bone marrow transplant centers working on similar line as the bone marrow transplant hospitals. Since cancer is a life threatening disease and it is spreading in multiple shapes so it is important that hospitals for the treatment of this disease should be established. Blood cancer is one another form of cancer for which bone marrow transplant is required and this has to be done if experts in the area are present and proper bone marrow transplant hospitals are working. This is for the betterment of whole humanity and many people have cured from the services of these hospitals.