• Jun 01, 2017

Best Nephrology Treatment in India

The Department of Nephrology provides utmost care across the broad range of kidney diseases. The transplant facilities are brought into practice to provide quality care and successful results even in the case of ABO incompatible transplants. We have a team of experienced doctors which is known for their best clinical skills and treats patients of all categories from children to adults. Our team of specialists, nephrologists, urologists has the technical expertise required to cope up with the hardships of this life saving procedure. We deliver the most advanced diagnostics, sound pre-operative analysis and dialysis support, the current facilities available in surgical operations, and full post-operative responsibility to minimize chances of infection.

Overview of Nephrologist patients Dialysis

We offer dialysis service done by an eminent team of Nephrologists, nurses, and certified hemodialysis technicians along with registered dieticians. Peritoneal, nocturnal and short daily dialysis and hemodialysis are provided to both chilen and adults. When the kidneys are failed to work properly, patients need dialysis which is used to perform the function of the kidneys.

In dialysis blood is filtered and purified using a machine. This helps keep body of the patient in balance when the kidneys are unable to perform their job. Dialysis can only temporarily serve the similar purpose as kidneys until the patient’s kidneys repair themselves and start to work on their own again.

Some Interesting Facts About Kidneys

  • Kidneys are located in the backside of the abdomen, on each side
  • Kidneys balance electrolytes in the body by excreting waste products
  • Controls blood pressure through Renin, and produces red blood cells
  • Renal arteries supply blood to Kidneys which is sent back to heart via renal veins
  • Kidneys controls the fluid amountin body
  • Helps in distribution of electrolytes and maintains the acid level
  • Kidneys filters waste products in form of urea, proteins, metabolism, uric acid


There is a wide range of nephrology treatments available depending on the condition of the patient and the stage of disease. Various treatments are performed according to the stage of disease evaluating a patient’s overall health and recovery conditions. Sometimes dialysis can serve the best purpose which aids in keeping a patient healthy and fine but sometimes the disease is examined at last stage due to various reasons which makes it difficult for a patient to get recovered.

Kidney Transplantation

A Renal replacement therapy is advised to patients suffering from last stage kidney disease where they cannot be cured with medical treatment. The patient’s family has to decide whether they are ready with initiation of life-long dialysis or kidney transplantation or not. Transplantation is done recognizing the patient’s health and capabilities. The transplantation process initiates with registration by the donor followed by laboratory tests, blood group compatibility and physical test. A donor can be anyone it might be a family member whose kidney matches with the patient. The actual cost of kidney transplantation varies and depends on a number of factors.

Various things should be kept in mind while going for kidney transplantation and it must be performed under strict supervision of qualified and experienced staff and we aims at providing you the Best Nephrology Treatment in India with best facilities and expertise with complete pre and post-operative care.